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AI Pulse Lecture for Entrepreneurs, Managers & Self-Employed


AI in business life: effects, transformation and future trends

120 min.


This is a compact course that emphasizes the strategic aspects of Artificial Intelligence (AI). We discuss the role of AI in the business world, their effects on business models and processes, and the challenges and advantages of their implementation.

We illuminate the role of management in the AI ​​transformation and give an outlook on future trends. Our goal is to prepare the participants for the AI-embossed business world and enable them to optimally use the opportunities that arise from it.

Learning Goals

  • Understanding the strategic importance of AI: Participants should develop an awareness of the role of AI as a strategic factor in the business world

  • Recognizing the effects of AI on business models and processes: The participants should understand how AI business models and processes can change and what options arise

  • Awareness of the advantages and challenges of AI implementation: participants should understand the potential advantages of AI, such as increased efficiency and competitive advantages, as well as the challenges, such as technical, organizational and ethical aspects

  • Insight into the future of AI in the business world: The participants should get an insight into current trends and future developments in the field of AI

  • Understanding the role of management in the AI ​​transformation: The participants should recognize how they as managers can actively shape and lead the AI ​​transformation in their organizations

Target Group

Entrepreneurs, managers & self-employed


Entrepreneurial interest in AI and its opportunities.

Disclaimer: Due to the rapid changes in AI as a whole, the content may be adapted to the latest developments at short notice in order to provide you with the most up-to-date information on the subject.


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