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AI Workshop for Entrepreneurs, Managers & the Self-employed


AI workshop for entrepreneurs,
managers & the self-employed

1 day


The full -day offers a comprehensive and profound introduction to artificial intelligence and its effects on the business world. In this workshop we will discuss detailed concepts and applications of AI, their effects on business processes and strategies for your implementation.


This workshop is ideal for managers who acquire a comprehensive understanding of AI and their role in the business world and want to develop strategies for AI transformation in their own organizations.

Learning Goals

  • In-depth understanding of AI: The participants should be able to explain and discuss detailed concepts and applications of AI.

  • Recognizing the effects of AI on business processes: The participants should understand how AI can optimize business processes and what options arise.

  • Development of strategies for AI implementation: The participants should be able to develop strategies for the implementation of AI in their own organizations.

  • Understanding the role of management in the AI ​​transformation: The participants should recognize how they as managers can actively shape and lead the AI ​​transformation in their organizations.

Target Group

Entrepreneurs, managers & self-employed


Initial understanding of AI and intent to implement or increase use of AI.

Disclaimer: Due to the rapid changes in AI as a whole, the content may be adapted to the latest developments at short notice in order to provide you with the most up-to-date information on the subject.


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