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"Enthusiasm is one of the chief causes of success."

Dale Carnegie


Among our clients are some of the largest and best-known companies across all industry sectors in Switzerland and throughout Europe. We assist these companies at their challenges and demanding projects. With our expertise we enable companies in different industries to master todays duty and to design their future.


Projects in

  • Switzerland

  • Germany

  • Austria

  • Hungary

  • Italy

  • Near East

  • Spain

  • South Africa

  • South America

Industry Sectors

  • Automotive, Defense

  • Bank/Finance

  • Building materials

  • Bio, Chemical industry, Pharmacy

  • Consumer products

  • Energy, Utilities

  • Environment

  • Fashion

  • Food

  • ICT, Media, Services

  • Manufacturing systems engineering

  • Logistics

  • Oil

  • Public federal government

  • Retail

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