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Auswirkungen und Möglichkeiten der KI in der Arbeitswelt

120 min.


A compact webinar that illuminates the effects of artificial intelligence (AI) on the world of work. In 90 minutes we discuss how AI affects jobs and skills, what challenges and opportunities arise and why lifelong learning and adaptability are decisive.

We give an outlook on the future of working with AI and discuss how everyone can actively make his career in the Ki era. Our goal is to prepare the participants for the AI-embossed world of work and enable them to optimally use the opportunities that result from it.
At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of participation that confirms your newly acquired knowledge.

Learning Goals

  • Understanding the basics of AI: The participants should be able to explain basic concepts and terminologies related to AI.

  • Overview of the fields of KI's fields of application: The participants should develop an understanding of the different areas in which AI is used, including examples from practice.

  • Awareness of the effects of AI: participants should develop awareness of the potential effects of AI on society and the economy.

  • Recognizing the possibilities and challenges of AI: The participants should be able to identify the opportunities and challenges associated with the implementation and use of AI.

  • Insight into the future of AI: The participants should get an insight into current trends and future developments in the field of AI.

Target Group

Anyone who is interested in the new technology and wants to learn about the potential impact on their workplace.


Basic interest in AI.

Disclaimer: Due to the rapid changes in AI as a whole, the content may be adapted to the latest developments at short notice in order to provide you with the most up-to-date information on the subject.


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