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AI-Bot Masterclass
Your first personal
AI employee


Together we create your first AI employee

9 hours

Take advantage of the latest AI technology. In the exclusive Private Masterclass, we create your first personal AI employee together.
Private Masterclass means: just you and me and 100% focus on successful implementation.

The workshop will be conducted live as an online webinar via Zoom (no recorded material). For in-house requests, please use the form below.

Workshop highlights

  • GPT Bot: Together we implement your first AI bot using ChatGPT.

  • Individual Coaching: In three personal workshops of 2 hours each, you work directly on your AI project.

  • Practical knowledge: Learn how to effectively use ChatGPT to achieve your goals.

  • Prompting know-how: Gain insight into advanced techniques for controlling your AI.


  • Q&A sessions: Three additional Q&A sessions following each workshop

  • Exclusive Materials: Specially designed training materials and workbook

  • Real-world expertise from Frank Gassan, a renowned AI trainer and consultant.

This workshop is perfect for

  • Freelancers & entrepreneurs who want to increase their productivity.

  • Managers & professionals looking for innovative solutions in their field.

  • Teams ready to modernize the way they work.

This 3-part workshop and 3 Q&A sessions (9 hours total) will be delivered
as an online webinar 1:1 via Zoom live (no recorded material).
For in-house requests, please use the form below.

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Reserve your place in the AI Bot Masterclass and become a pioneer in digital transformation.


Disclaimer: Due to the rapid changes in AI as a whole, the content may be adapted to the latest developments at short notice in order to provide you with the most up-to-date information on the subject.

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