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SimplyPROjects  - Project  Management  Framework

Data Analytics






The pragmatic project framework incl. methods, processes, procedures and templates.
It´s goal is to perform projects structured, controlled and repeatable.
Also a variant for Program Management available.

Project Planning

Our team of experts helps you to create and maintain a feasible project plan with clear milestones and goals.


Frictionless execution

We help you execute your IT projects frictionless and efficiently, using a proven methodology that is customized to your needs and processes to achieve your pre-defined goals.


Risk Management

We identify potential roadblocks up front and have contingency plans in place to keep your IT projects on track and on budget.

Project Audit

An external project audit provides an independent assessment of the project. This can increase stakeholder confidence as the audit findings and recommendations are seen as impartial and objective. The project is evaluated neutrally and an objective assessment is provided without the influence of internal political or personal factors.

An external audit can identify potential risks and deficiencies in the project at an early stage so that they can be addressed in a timely manner. This helps to ensure the quality of the project and reduce the likelihood of errors or costly wrong decisions.


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