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As your AI navigator, we specialize in guiding you through the world of artificial intelligence. We help you leverage the benefits of AI to optimize your business processes, increase efficiency, and discover new opportunities.


Our goal is to help you define and implement your AI strategy by identifying areas where AI can add value and helping you select and implement the appropriate technologies.

Implementing AI in an organization is a large-scale transformation that requires many skills and methodologies, from strategy to portfolio, program, and agile project management to processes.


With years of experience in all of these areas and the associated framework-embedded expertise, we bring the necessary tools to help you approach the topic in a structured way and achieve rapid results.


The individual work packages usually take only a few days to a few weeks. In the fast-moving world of AI, individual projects should be implemented in 2-3 months at the most. Even faster after the implementation of an AI framework. Point improvements can be set up and trained in 1-2 weeks - independent of an organizational superstructure.

AI Consulting Portfolio

AI Transformation: From AI Strategy to Implementation
This consulting service provides comprehensive support for companies looking to adopt AI.

The process begins with the definition of a customized AI strategy. This is followed by the development of an appropriate implementation methodology based on our frameworks. This includes a model for structuring the AI tool landscape, a foundation for building an implementation program, and guidance on change management and employee engagement.

The result is a clear and actionable AI transformation plan specific to your organization.
Potential Analysis Workshop
This workshop analyzes the areas where the greatest potential for AI can be identified in your organization today.

By examining key business processes, technologies used, and goals, we identify areas where AI can add significant value. An analysis includes an evaluation of these opportunities.

The result is a clear understanding of where and how AI can improve processes. On this basis, decisions can be made on how to proceed.
Evaluation of Potential Applications
This workshop develops possible AI application scenarios for the previously identified business areas and processes.

Based on a thorough analysis of the business processes involved, AI scenarios are developed, the required components are defined, the requirements are specified, and an implementation procedure is developed.

The results are evaluated deployment scenarios with implementation plans as a basis for decisions on how to proceed.
Tool Research
This service researches and evaluates AI tools suitable for implementing a specific project.

After reviewing the business processes and objectives involved, a market analysis is conducted to identify suitable available AI tools. These are evaluated against pre-defined criteria.

The result is a report summarizing the findings and an evaluated list of AI tools that are suitable for the project and meet your company's requirements. This allows you to select the right tools to effectively support your business processes and achieve your goals.
Conduct Feasibility Studies
This consulting service focuses on conducting feasibility studies for planned AI projects in your organization.

The process includes an analysis of the technical and business aspects of the projects to assess their feasibility and potential ROI.

At the end, you will receive a report that summarizes the results of the study and provides clear recommendations on how to proceed. This ensures that the selected AI projects are both technically feasible and economically viable, and helps you make informed decisions about your AI initiatives.
Development of Prototypes
This service includes the development of custom AI prototypes.

Based on a specific project, we create a prototype that demonstrates how AI can be used for improvement. The process includes development, testing, and presentation of a working AI prototype.

Based on the prototype and the presentation, a decision can be made about regular production use and the conditions that need to be created for this.
(Support for) Development of Automation and Custom Solutions
This consulting service provides specialized support in the development of custom automation solutions and individual AI applications, or takes over the entire development process.

By working closely with your team and thoroughly analyzing your business processes and goals, we develop solutions that meet your exact needs. The process covers all phases of development, from concept to implementation, and includes ongoing support to ensure the solutions are working effectively.

The result is customized automation and AI applications that optimize your business processes and support your business goals.
Information Service
The evolution of AI and the tools used is very rapid. The Info Service continuously monitors changes and innovations in the AI tools you use.

We keep you up to date on the changes that affect your tools, prepare relevant information in an easy-to-understand format, and provide tailored recommendations for action for the specific use in your organization.

The result is a constantly updated knowledge base around your tools, enabling you to make informed decisions and take the necessary actions to keep pace with changes in the AI market.
Risk Analysis, Update for your Risk Management
This service is designed to identify and assess the risks associated with the implementation and use of AI in your organization.

The process includes an analysis of your current risk management practices and the development of an update tailored to the specific challenges and risks of AI.

The result is an updated risk management plan that addresses AI-specific risks and a comprehensive report that summarizes the identified risks and provides clear recommendations for managing them.
Project Support
As part of our project support, we offer specialized support for companies that want to implement AI for the first time, but may not have the necessary internal expertise or resources.

Whether as coaching, support or monitoring - we support/are your project management, especially as counterpart to the project management of external service providers.

After a brief analysis of your AI project and internal resources, we develop an approach methodology and provide ongoing assessment to ensure the project is implemented effectively and efficiently. You will receive regular progress reports and clear recommendations, enabling you to make informed decisions and minimize the risk of delay or failure.

This service ensures that your AI projects are professionally monitored and kept on track.

Expert Team


Our AI trainers have many years of experience in the field, relevant education, and broad industry and process knowledge.

And most importantly, they have transformation experience. This means they know what is important in change & transformation projects and are experienced in dealing with people who may be very skeptical about a new technology.


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