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Von der NFT-Beratung bis zur Marketingunterstützung

Your guide to the world of digital art


Preparation is the key to success in the world of NFTs

Wir machen den technischen Teil We make the technical part simple

Implement an effective marketing and sales strategy

NFT Planning

Preparation is the key to success in the world of NFTs

Creating an NFT is more than just digitizing a piece of art. It requires careful planning and strategy. With our planning service, we help you think through all aspects of your NFT project, from selecting artwork and defining attributes to determining pricing and sales strategy.

Here are the steps in detail:
1. Determine the number and names of the NFTs in the series: Consider how many NFTs you want to publish in the series and what names you want them to have. The names should be unique, meaningful, and reflect the theme or style of the artwork.

2) Define traits: Traits are unique characteristics or attributes that your NFT has. They can affect the NFT's appearance, behavior, rarity, and other characteristics. Think about what traits you want your NFTs to have and how you want them to be expressed.

3. Determine the expressions of the traits: Each trait can have different expressions. For example, a trait "color" could have the expressions "red," "blue," and "green. Decide which expressions you want your traits to have.

4. Create the extension: A supplement is an additional element or feature that comes with the NFT. It can be additional artwork, music, video, text, or other content. Think about what your supplement could be and how it could add value to your NFT.

5. Name and describe the collection: each series of NFTs is called a "collection". Give your collection a meaningful name and description that reflects the theme and style of the artwork.

6. Provide information about the artist: Be sure to provide relevant information about the artist, including biography, artistic vision, and previous work. This information can add context and value to the NFT.

7. Create a release schedule: Determine when and how you will release your NFTs. This could include a regular release schedule, a launch event, or an auction.

8. Review and adjust your schedule: Review your schedule regularly and make adjustments as needed to respond to feedback, new trends, or changes in your artistic vision.


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